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Established in 1978, Auto Action has been the leader in aftermarket accessory installations for both new and used car dealerships. Selling aftermarket products such as remote starters, navigation systems, leather interiors, and all lines of film just to name a few of the products we offer as well as the labor to install these products as well.  Over the past 3 years, our business model has grown to include fleet clients including various State and Federal projects as subcontractors.

Auto Action’s primary focus is on ADAS technology and safety to facilitate the growing distracted driver inhabitants on the roadways. The capability of a national installation footprint has allowed rapid growth for the service division of the company.

Implementation / Solutions

  •  Having local representation in the Tri-State area allows us to be able to work closely with the depots prior to installation. Auto Action can personalize the experience and ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Experience with larger format installations not only in the tri-state area but also on a national footprint has allowed us to refine our systems and processes to where they are today. Having the ability to follow our standardized processes will ensure a smooth installation rollout.
  • 70% of our installation force has 10+ years of 12/24-volt installation experience. Additionally, the company’s experience in the bus and heavy-duty vehicle installation engagements over the last 18 months has allowed us to refine our knowledge of the various vehicle types.
  • Local facilities allow us to be fast and nimble when challenges arise during the implementation.
  • Evening shifts and a 7 day week schedules allow us to meet the installation timeline requirements.


  • With technicians placed throughout the tri-state area, we have the ability to react to an on-site call faster than other companies.
  • Technicians have the ability to carry “road stock” (inventory in their vehicles), allowing them to be dispatched via our help desk application which utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assign the tier 3 on-site support route immediately. Through our help desk application, the technician receives the request via a mobile application along with directions to the depot where the bus is being held.
  • Full RTV (return to vendor) and inventory systems allow us to process and maintain inventory back to vendors as well as manage road stock.

Help Desk

  • Single point of contact for any support needs. Hardware, Software, or Connectivity is managed from our centralized and local help desk center.
  • Auto Action has the ability to monitor the connectivity of the installed devices, which allows us to ensure we will know of any issue prior to the customer becoming inconvenienced.
  • Easy and pleasant to use, a service ticket request can be made via any form of contact. Phone, text, fax, email, web portal as well as a custom, easy-to-use mobile application.

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